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Red Dingo Classic Plain Black Martingale Collar

Offers comfort to many Dogs who find conventional collars unpleasant.

When your Dog pulls slightly it will tighten to secure your Pet but not choke them as the Martingale Collar is designed to tighten to a certain degree.

Choke collars have long been considered inhumane and dangerous to Dogs - The Martingale Collar is a Safe Alternative.

A Popular choice with Greyhound, Whippet, Salukis & Sighthound Owners.

Good choice for slim headed breeds and those who like to back out of their Collars.

Rescue centres often use them as a back up to a standard collar for extra security of a nervous resident.

The wide soft nylon provides strength and support.

Red Dingo Black Martingale Nylon Dog Collar


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