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Dogs and Fireworks. How to help your Dog.

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Unfortunately many Dogs do not enjoy the WOW of Firework Night as we do. Many are left trembling and very scared from the loud noises, sudden bangs and bright colours whizzing across the sky.

There are a few things that can help your dog reduce their stress levels and anxiety. 1 – Try to walk your dog well before dark. Give them a good long walk to tire them considerably and feed them a little early if need be to settle them for the evening. For most of the year it is against the law to set off fireworks after 11pm, but on Bonfire night this is extended to midnight. So you need to bare that in mind when it comes to letting them out last thing before bed. Keep them on a lead. Should they suddenly get startled you can keep them safe and get them indoors asap.

2 – Try not to over fuss your dog. This may compound the issue. If they think you are concerned, this will increase their stress. Try to relax and watch TV, encourage them up for their usual cuddle on the sofa but treat it as normal. Play with them and their favourite toy.

They Look to you for reassurance, so…..Life is Fine and Dandy – Safe and Sweet.

3 – Draw the curtains to block out the lights and put on the TV or Radio to distract from the noise. Classical music can be good or a rhythm with a good beat. Let your dog see you enjoying it, sing along, dance a bit, make them see that this can be a joyful thing, not something to be scared of.

4 – Give them somewhere to retreat. Maybe its under your bed, behind the sofa, table or in the crate. Put a blanket over the top to make it dark but always leave the doors to rooms and the crate open to allow them to move around should they feel the need. They may just be happy on your lap or in their usual place. They must not feel in any way trapped.

5 – Make sure all doors and windows are securely closed. Frightened Dogs will flee, even from the normal safe zone.

6 – Ensure their Microchips and ID Tags are up to date with the correct details.

7 – Long lasting chews can be brilliant! Not only will they feel its a reward but will enable them to work out their worries in chewing. Distracting them from what is going on outside. Most Dogs are noisy chewers (Mine is a real yammer – lol). I can barley hear myself over her chewing, so she must be virtually deafened Another plus is the right chew will act as a dental clean too. 8 – Should the above not help and your Bestie is still having major issues. Please consult your Vet for advice and medication that will get your buddy though.

All in all, we wish you care and happiness from

Dogs are our world. Privately and Professionally. Their happiness is ours.

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