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Poo Bags

do the right thing and pick up a poo!

Poo Bag Dispenser With 40 Bags by Ancol

Light Weight Plastic Poo Bag Dispenser by Ancol.

Comes with Two Rolls of 20 Bio-degradable Bags.

Easy to Carry, So You'll Never Be Caught Out.

Clips to Lead, Handbag or Jean Belt Loops.

Refill's Available.

£2.75 £2.50

Poo Bag Bio-Degradable Refills 60 Bags By Ancol

Ancol Poo Bag Dispenser Refills.

60 Bio-Degradable Bags To Replenish Your Ancol Poo Bag Dispenser.

£2.55 £2.30

Bagee Little Mr Miss Poo Bag Holder Dispenser

Bagee Little Mr Miss Poo Bag Carrier Dispenser
Choose From 4 Characters:
Mr Bump
Little Miss Naughty
Mr Happy
Mr Noisy
Fill the Character full of your favourite poo bags and clip it to your Dog Lead, Belt loop or handbag.
Holds up to 25 Nappy Sacks, 3 Supermarket Carrier Bags and Endless Biodegradable Poo Bags

Poop bags available with us from £1
£4.95 £4.45

Poo Bags With Tie Handles Pk50

Scented and Biodegradable Tie Handle Poo Bags.
Ideal to fill a Bagee Mr Men Little Miss Poo Bag Dispenser.
Pack Size 50.
£1.10 £1.00

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