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Out and About Travel Products

items to use when out with your pooch

RAC 2-in-1 Car Harness

Make traveling with your dog an easier, safer and a more enjoyable experience with this 2 in 1 Dog Car Harness/Seatbelt from the RAC. Ideal for both long and short journeys it is fully adjustable, will work with any seatbelt and will help to restrain your dog when traveling reducing distractions and giving you more control.

£7.99 £7.19

Dog Travel Water Bottle and Bowl

Dog Travel Water Bottle and Bowl.

Holds 0.5L of Water.

A convenient way to carry refreshment while on the go.

£4.99 £3.99

Poo Bag Dispenser With 40 Bags by Ancol

Light Weight Plastic Poo Bag Dispenser by Ancol.

Comes with Two Rolls of 20 Bio-degradable Bags.

Easy to Carry, So You'll Never Be Caught Out.

Clips to Lead, Handbag or Jean Belt Loops.

Refill's Available.

£2.75 £2.50

Poo Bag Bio-Degradable Refills 60 Bags By Ancol

Ancol Poo Bag Dispenser Refills.

60 Bio-Degradable Bags To Replenish Your Ancol Poo Bag Dispenser.

£2.55 £2.30

Snugglesafe Cool Pad

Snugglesafe Instant Cool Pad
Two Sizes Available:
30 x 25cm (12" x 10")
40 x 30cm (16" x 12")
Designed to automatically cool down when an animal lies on it.
Reduces temperature within moments and lasts for several hours at a time.
Refreshes automatically, this can take up to 30 minutes.
Ideal for travelling, indoor and outdoor use.
Needs no electricity or freezing.
£10.99 £9.90

Pet Rebellion Boot Mat

Pet Rebellion Boot Mat 67cm x 100cm
The Boot Mate is the solution to keeping your car boot free from muddy paws. It acts as a protective barrier and with the super soft luxury pile, it is really comfortable to sit or stand on. This size fits most standard boot sizes and when you have enjoyed your fun day out and have returned home, all you need to do is remove it and machine wash. Your car boot will never need cleaning again! Fully machine washable when necessary.

Key Benefits

Fully machine washable
Full rubber gripped backing
Floor Protection

£19.99 £18.00

Small Road Refresher Non Spill Bowl

Road Refresher Non Spill Travel Bowl

Ideal for Messy Drinkers and Dogs on the Move.
Reduces Slobber by 90% and Eliminates Spills.
Design means even in the Car, it is Safe.

Small 0.6 Ltr - Cream

£9.29 £8.40

Bagee Little Mr Miss Poo Bag Holder Dispenser

Bagee Little Mr Miss Poo Bag Carrier Dispenser
Choose From 4 Characters:
Mr Bump
Little Miss Naughty
Mr Happy
Mr Noisy
Fill the Character full of your favourite poo bags and clip it to your Dog Lead, Belt loop or handbag.
Holds up to 25 Nappy Sacks, 3 Supermarket Carrier Bags and Endless Biodegradable Poo Bags

Poop bags available with us from £1
£4.95 £4.45

Ancol Rechargable Flashing Safety Halo Band

The Safety Halo from Ancol is perfect for walking your dog at night. The halo is rechargeable and creates a highly visible light that can be seen for up to 500m, giving motorists advance warning of your pets presence.

One size fits all - simply cut the halo band to the required length. It is fully water resistant, has 3 light settings (Slow Flashing, Fast Flashing & Continuous Light) and can be simply recharged by plugging into a USB port.

Size: 70cm
£9.85 £8.95

Clix Universal Seat Belt Restraint

CLIX Universal Seat Belt Adapter, is the perfect solution when travelling with your dog. It is a simple strap, which allows you to secure your dog whilst on the move. The trigger hook means you can attach the adapter directly to any regular dog harness and it is designed to be easily secured by pluging straight into the existing seat belt socket. The strong material strap is fully adjustable, from 50cm-75cm in length to ensure a good fit for different breeds of dog. This product should only be used in conjunction with a body harness and not with a regular neck collar.
£3.99 £3.60

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